The New Young at Heart Radio Show

Inspiring and Informing

Past Guests

August 19th        Mary Sheridan Coast Caregiver Resource Center Executive Director & Carrie Bissell Jodi House Executive Director

August 26th        Linda Hardy, LTC Ombudsman Program

September 2nd   Cecilia Rodriguez CALM  Executive Director

September 9th  Vanessa Patterson  SBCC Foundation Executive Director

September 16th  Barbara Kuhn, LCSW Director, Jewish Family Service of Greater Santa Barbara & Corin Koren, Coordinator, Portraits of Survival and Children  & Family Program

September 23rd  Luciana Cramer Care Specialist | Alzheimer’s Association California Central Coast Chapter & Genny Bolton Development Manager

October 19th & 20th: David Cohen from Home Town Insurance discusses the Affordable Care Act.

September 30th  Senior Helpers Representative

October 7th Jeanne West, Chair of the Senior Expo

October 14th  Arthur Sylvester and Kathy Morgan, from the SB Genealogical Society

October 21st  Congresswoman Lois Capps

October 28th  Beverlye Fead

November 4th  Ramona Winner

November 11th  HICAP representative, Frank Nelson, discusses Medicare

November 21st  Diana Lang, spiritual teacher

November 26th American Red Cross: Julie McGovern, Executive Director, & Mort Ward, spiritual advisor & long time volunteer

December 4th Fred De’Lorenzo, Administrator of Mission Villa & Mitch Leichter, Executive Director of Alexander Properties

December 11th Joyce Ellen Lippman, Director of Area Agency on Aging

December 15 & 16th: Gary Linker, the Executive Director for the Center for Successful Aging discussed the perils of depression during the holiday season.

December 29th & 30th: Peggy Renker of Senior Living Consultants explains how she helps seniors to choose the residential facility that will best meet their needs.

January 5th & 6th: Peggy Buchanan discusses the importance of staying fit and gives tips for developing an effective exercise routine.

January 12th & 13th:  Diana Basehart discusses her new foundation which helps seniors and others to get necessary medical attention for their pets.

January 19th & 20th: Experts from the Fielding Institute discuss upcoming Positive Aging Conference.

January 26th & 27th: Heidi Holly, Executive Director of the Friendship Center talks about their programs and upcoming fundraiser

February 2nd & 3rd: Maria McCall discusses traveling tips and various traveling opportunities. Maria is the manager of the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Travel & Enrichment Program.

Feb. 9th & 10th: Seniors share their love stories in honor of Valentines Day.

Feb 16th & 17th: Dallas Atkins, Elder Law Attorney, discusses Medi-Cal and MediCare.

Feb 23rd & 24th:  Simon Fox, Executive Director of Adventures in Caring discusses the practice of compassion.

March 2nd & 3rd:  Adelaide Garcia shares her inspirational story about the help she received at the Braille Institute  after losing her vision, and Lynn Dubinsky talks about the educational opportunities that they offer.

March 9th & 10th: Dr Gloria Kaye discusses yoga therapeutics for seniors and Vicki Johnson warns us about the latest scams targeting seniors in our area.

March 16th & 17th: Allison Grossfield of Looking Glass Stories and Linda Gregory from Senior Helpers talk about putting together books which serve as a life legacy for a loved one.

March 23rd & 24th:  Dr. Ken Kosik, Medical Director at Cottage Center  for Brain Fitness,  talks discusses ways to keep our  brains healthy and new hope for an Alzheimer’s cure.

March 30th & 31st: Rod Lathim and Bobbi Kroot will tell us about the upcoming Seniors Have Talent Show, which is a benefit for the Center for Successful Aging.

Apri 6th & 7th: A representative from the Orfalea Foundation will discuss disaster preparedness.

April 13th & 14th: Elizabeth Wolfson will tell us about Antioch’s Positive Aging Conference, which takes place April 19th and 20th.

April 20th & 21st: Dr Eryn Eckert, consultant at SBCC, and Margaret Weiss, Health Director of Sansum Clinic, talk about new pain management classes.

April 27th & 28th: Dr JIM Barbabells shares ways to stay healthy when travelling overseas.

May 4th & 5th: Repeat of Dr. Barbabella–sharing travel tips for seniors.

May 11th & 12th: Rod Lathim and Susan Plummer, Executive Director of the Alliance for Living and Dying Well, discuss Rod’s play, Unfinished Business.

May 18th & 19th:Jeanne West, Coordinator of the Financial Abuse Specialist Team, talks about elder abuse and the upcoming Elder Abuse Conference at Santa Barbara City College.

May 25th 26th: Diane Hall talks about the Little Star Pony Foundation and how it helps special needs children and seniors.

June 1st & 2nd: Dr. Patricia Bragg talks about ways to improve health, vitality and longevity.

June 7th & 8th: Ernesto Paredes, Executive Director of Easy Lift.

June 15th & 16th: Sri van der Kroef, Somatic Movement Therapist and educator. She leads classes for people challenged with Parkinson’s disease and dementia and she does neuromuscular rehabilitation work with functionally challenged individuals.

June 21st & 22nd: Bebee Longstreet, Executive Director of Laguna Cottages, will discuss affordable housing options for seniors.

June 29th & 30th: Lynn Cederquist discusses the upcoming 4th of July clebration at Girsh Park, a fundraiser for the Rotary Club.

July 6th & 7th: Trudy Bixby and Oscar Maynez, musicians who have been perfoming together at various residential homes, hospice, elderly care facilities, etc., using their music as a healing modality.

July 13th & 14th: Beth Amine discusses a new movement program for seniors, calle Joyous Movement.

July 20th & 21st: Lia Parker, the first Spirit of Fiesta and Eryn Graffy discuss Fiestas past and present.

July 27th & 28th: Molly Barker, Execitove Director of Casa del Herrero discusses its history and upcoming fundraiser.

August 10th & 11th: Lasaro Coreas will talk about a Latino Elderly Organization, L.E.O.N.

August 17 & 18th: Heidi Holly, Executive Director of the Frienship Center

August 24th & 25th: Representatives from the American Heart Association

August 31st and Sept 1st: Life Long Learning

September 7th & 8th: Genny Bolton from the Central Coast Alzheimers AAssociation

September 21st & 22nd: Naomi Kovacs, Executive Director of Santa Barbara Village

September 28th & 29th: Jeannie West discusses the upcoming Senior Expo

October 5th & 6th: Lyndsay Leonard of Santa Barbara Estate Services

October 12th & 13th: John Kerr discusses Stand Down Santa Barbara, an event to provide support for veterans in need.

October 26th & 27th: In honor of Halloween, Barbara Bartoloma, leader of the IANDS Group–International Association of Near Death Studies, will discuss near -death experiences and what people report when they return from the other side.

November 9th & 10th:
Ann Lippincott from the Mental Wellness Center.

November 16th & 17th:
Lynda Tanner, from Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care

November 22 & 23: Unity Shoppe

November 29 & 30: Senior Deputy District Attorney Vicki Johnson warns us about scams targeting seniors

December 7 & 8: Nicole Janowicz of Transition House

December 14 & 15: Jeanne West, DASH (Doctors Assisting Seniors at Home)

December 21 & 22: Patti & Frank Search for Holiday Cheer and Good Will

December 29 & 30th: Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center

January 25 & 26th: Kara Rhodes shares the ancient wisdom gleaned in the making of a new documentary, BridgeWalkers, which will debut in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

January 4th & 5th: Frank and Patti interview Santa Barbaran’s about their hopes and resolutions for the New Year

January 11th & 12th: The Friendship Center talks about their new Brain Fitness Class.

February 1st & 2nd: D.A. Metrov shares information from his book, Conquer Thyself, Everything I Need to Remember to Maintain Total Well-Being

February 7th & 8th: Lia Manfredi discusses Jodi House Brain Injury Center and their Walk for Brain Injury on March 1st.

February 15th & 16th: Our 2nd Annual Valentine Show! Robin Monroe talks about Food from the Heart.

February 22nd & 23rd: Lynne Shaw discusses the Diana Basehart organization, and other dog organizations in Santa Barbara County

March 1st & 2nd: Dr. Jerry Brown discusses the danger of nuclear power plants and invites the public to an event on March 3rd, where the documented health risks of the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant are revealed.

March 8th & 9th: Lynda Tanner of Visiting Nurse and Hospice discusses an upcoming healthcare forum.

March 15th & 16th: Rod Lathim tells us about the upcoming Seniors Have Talent Show.

March 22nd & 23rd: Rinaldo Brutoco, the Executive Director from the World Business Academy discusses their mission and Deepak Chopra’s engagement at the Arlington on March 28th.

March 29th & 30th: Dr. Gloria Kaye discusses therapeutic yoga and energetic, hands on healing.

April 6 & 7: Rochelle Rose talks about People’s Self-Help Housing

April 12 & 13: Susan Plummer, Executive Director, Alliance for Living and Dying Well

April 18 & 19th: Genny Bolton, Development Director of the Central Coast Alzheimer’s Association

April 24 & 25: Fred De’ Lorenzo, Administrator of the Tree of Life and President of the Santa Barbara Activities Director’s Association

May 3 & 4th: Diana Basehart, Executive Director of the Diana Basehart Foundation

May 9 & 10th: Learn about a new tap dancing class in Santa Barbara.

May 15 & 16th: Melissa Howard, from the Food Bank

May 24th & 25th: Ellen Reid, Book Shepherd

May 31st & June 1st: Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW, Chair of the Master’s in Clinical Psychology Program at Antioch University discusses the challenges and potential of mid-life

June 7 & 8: Elder care experts Mary Brook and Marcy Oswald describe their new business, Elder Soup.

June 21 & 22: Jamie O’Toole discusses the non-profit organization, Real Help

June 28 & 29: Barbara Gaughen-Muller discusses her new book, Revolutionary Conversations

July 12 & 13: Ernesto Paredes, Executive Director of EASY LIFT

May 23 & May 25: Diana Basehart joins the Young at Heart Radio Show and Patti also interviews Julia Cameron, author and workshop leader of The Artist’s Way

May 30 & 31: Steve Kim, President of Tao Fellowship and Executive Director of Earth Citizens Organization discusses the concept of Earth Citizenship and what it takes to be a hero.

June 6 & 7: Diana Basehart and Beth Amine, creator of Joyous Movement

June 13 & 14: Jay Stinnett describes the recovery series at Sedona Mago Retreat and the relationship between spirituality and recovery

June 20 & 21: Anthony Giannini describes sound healing.

June 27 & 28:  Former Co-Host, Frank Newton, discusses retirement and his new book projects.

July 4 & 5: Douglas Borcoman talks about what the stars can tell us.

July 11 & 12: Julia De Sieno, Diana Basehart, ant Jill Anderson Demand Justice for Puppy Davey

July 18 & 19:  Joe C. talks about Open Minded Recovery

July 25 & 26: Marty Allen launches her new children’s book, Wishapick

Aug 1 & 2:  Dan Chrynko–mosaic artist and Sayong Kim, COO and trainer at Sedona Mago Retreat

Non-traditional Healers, Banya of Sedona, and Gloria Kaye of Santa Barbara, discuss their healing methods.

Anthony Mauro talks about his amazing ability to use plants and fermentation to create a number of cures for various ailments.

Richard Webb discusses how you manifest your desires with songs and Sadie Nardini, discusses finding your inner warrior goddess through yoga and her upcoming workshop at Sedona Mago Retreat.

Thomas M. Cole discusses his book, 200 Years of Central Banks and his dismay with the direction our country is headed.

Rona Berris talks about the Golden Inn and Village, an affordable housing development for seniors which will open in Santa Ynez next August.

Award-winning producer, Ken Berris, discusses his first novel–Wild Cards.



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