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Brain Fitness for Successful Aging

Kristen Hoye, Family Services Director

Kristen Hoiye, Family Services Director

Kristen Hoye is teaching a class at the Friendship Center in Montecito that focuses on brain fitness and healthy aging. It is held on Wednesday mornings and includes proven methodologies from both Eastern and Western medical traditions. For more information, contact Kristen at 805-969-0859.

A BIG thank you to the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program), for supporting the Young at Heart Radio Show. The RSVP Program in Santa Barbara partners with over 60 non-profit organizations and can help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity that fits your talent, time, and interests. For more information, call 805-963-0474,

Co-Hosts, Frank Newton and Patti Teel

Co-Hosts, Frank Newton and Patti Teel

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Newlyweds, George and Jeanne Goodall on a trip to Catalina.

Newlyweds, George and Jeanne Goodall on a trip to Catalina.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day be prepared to be inspired by touching love stories.  First, Joan Peterson describes leaving her home in England at the tender age of 22 and the treacherous journey she took to Santa Barbara, in order to reunite with and marry the love of her life. 

Then, newlyweds George and Jeanne Goodall share their love story and remind us that it’s never too late to fall head over heals in love.

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Fielding Graduate University Hosts Conference on Positive Aging

Fielding Graduate University is hosting the 6th Annual Conference on Positive Aging.  It is taking place February 10th-12th at the Center for Healthy Communities at the CA Endowment, Los Angeles.  Young at Heart listeners have been offered $50.00 off the 3 day registration price.  Simply enter the code FRANKTALK to receive the discount when you register.  To check out the wide array of workshops and inspirational speakers, visit

This conference will grapple with the questions of wellness, community, life transitions and creativity as we age. From these foundations, we will explore how positive aging is a combination of health, well-being, self-actualization and living in a system of support.” Katrina Rogers, Senior Vice President, Provost, Fielding Graduate University.

During the last few minutes of the show, District Attorney Vicki Johnson warned listeners about a recent scam that has been targeting seniors in our area. 


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Diana Basehart Foundation Helps People and their Beloved Pets

Diana Basehart & three of her 'babies'

Diana Basehart & three of her ‘babies’

Diana Basehart has started a new foundation to help elders and others on limited incomes care for and keep their beloved companion animals by providing support for veterinary, behavioral and traditional needs, while also minimizing the number of animals being turned over to shelters.  There is a great need for this type of help in the Santa Barbara area and if you would like to help–please contact the foundation at  Diana also discussed her early efforts to protect animals and treat them humanely.  She and her husband Richard Basehart co-founded Actors & Others for Animals. 

This was truly an inspiring show and Frank and I were honored to be in the presence of a woman who has made such a difference in the lives of so many.  Visit her website at        Young at Heart photo for Web

Don L. Higley, Sage and Poet

Don L. Higley, Sage and Poet

Toward the end of the show, Don L Higley shares an original poem about dogs and our love for them.  You can view his poem on the Don L. Higley page.

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