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Light Therapy Offers Health & Beauty Benefits

Emily Sermersheim discusses the health and cosmetic benefits of light therapy.  She is an authorized distributor for Inlight Wellness Systems and offers a free demonstration to those living in the Santa Barbara area.


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Sage-ing While Aging!

Jerome Kerner

Life’s lessons are our greatest teachers. Jerome Kerner, a Certified Sage-ing leader discusses the role of spiritual development in our later years and the importance of developing a personalized plan which includes serving others and leaving a legacy.

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Tony Mauro Warns us About the Combination of Various Environmental Toxins and Recommends Detoxification Through Fasting

Tony Mauro discusses the combination of common environmental toxins, RF waves and the dangers they pose.  He also recommends detoxifying by fasting.

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Beth Amine, Founder of Joyous Movement is Penning a Book on Joyous Living


Beth Amine is a long-time resident of Santa Barbara.  To say that she is multi-talented is a gross understatement.  Beth is both a professional artist and a dancer.  Realizing that living creatively has long been a key to her own happiness, she developed a way to inspire and help seniors to re-discover their own joy through a movement and dance program called Joyous Movement.   This program has been used at several senior centers in the Santa Barbara area and the results have been miraculous.  She has also created a series of Joyous Movement DVDs and has started training others the Joyous Movement methodology so they can become certified instructors.  Beth is dedicated to helping others to discover their joyous selves and is writing a ‘how to’ book which will be a guide to living every day in a state of joy.  Her upcoming book was the topic of my radio interview with Beth.

To learn more about Beth, visit her website:


Mary NurrieStearns Shares Tips for Cultivating Happiness & Peace of Mind

Mary Nurrie Stearns photoYou will enjoy this interview with Mary NurrieStearns, LCSW, RYT, who will be facilitating a Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat, along with her husband, Rick.

Mary is an advanced level yoga teacher and member of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Inner-being. She is also a long-time yoga practitioner and meditator.

In our interview, Mary talks about the benefits of attending a retreat and how yoga can heal anxiety. She also discusses mindfulness and how happiness can be cultivated, moment my moment.

Mary’s soothing voice is mesmerizing and no wonder—she also records transformational audio recordings. You can listen to a sampling on her website at

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HeatherAsh Amara, Goddess and Warrior for Women

HeatherAsh Amara

HeatherAsh Amara

Don’t miss this interview with HeatherAsh Amara, as she shares her heart and wisdom.  She is passionate about helping women to care for themselves and to live happy and fulfilled lives.  In this interview she speaks about being 100% clear about what you want while remaining 100% unattached to the outcome.  She also talks about accessing your Warrior and Goddess energy–which are both important elements that each of us can call upon.

Mark your calendars because HeatherAsh Amara will be leading a retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat Center for Spiritual Awakening–September 23 – 25.  The retreat is called Warrior Goddess Wisdom Weekend. It’s for women only, and focuses on the element of FIRE!

Warrior Goddess Wisdom Weekend Sedona 2016

HeatherAsh Amara is the author of the bestselling book Warrior Goddess Training, the Warrior Goddess Training Companion Book, The Toltec Path of Transformation, and the upcoming Warrior Goddess Way.  She is dedicated to inspiring depth, creativity, and joy by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of world traditions. HeatherAsh studied and taught extensively with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, and continues to teach with the Ruiz family. Raised in Southeast Asia, HeatherAsh has traveled the world from childhood and is continually inspired by the diversity and beauty of human expression and experience. She brings this openhearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings, which are a rich blend of Toltec wisdom, European shamanism, Buddhism, and Native American ceremony.


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Savino is Living Proof that People can Change

Savino is living proof that people can turn their lives around.IMG_0312 (1)

He is currently writing a book that is based on his own true story which candidly reveals the ‘dark’ days when he was an angry young criminal with little remorse and even less hope for the future.

But in the depths of his hopelessness and despair, a new story begins to unfold as God sends not one, but several Earth Angels to steer him toward a new life. Still, he continued to veer from the straight and narrow path, reverting back to fighting, drinking, and illegal activities before finally, fully committing himself to a God-Centered life.

Today, Savino wants nothing more than to share his story and encourage others; especially those who have lost their way on some dangerous detours.

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Julia Cameron speaks about Creativity and Divinity–Dancing Partners


Julia Cameron has been helping people to access and develop their creativity for over two decades.  Her ZaC7Br7sMBMC[1]best-selling and timeless book, The Artist’s Way, has become a classic read for anyone who wishes to live a creative life.

In this interview, Julia shares tried and true activities to help us access our creativity and explains why creativity and divinity are two sides of the same coin.

Julia Cameron will be coming to Sedona Mago Retreat September 30 – October 2, to put on an inspirational retreat called Creativity and Divinity, Dancing Partners.

To learn more about her upcoming workshop at Sedona Mago Retreat, go to

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Our Favorite Holistic Health Expert Exposes Common Carcinogens & Gives Tips on Avoiding Them

Anthony reveals how to identify toxins and carcinogens.

Anthony reveals practical and effective ways to detoxify your body.

Anthony (Tony) Mauro

Anthony (Tony) Mauro

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Karen Newell Explains how Sound can Expand our Consciousness


Karen Newell 

Karen Newell, talks about the sound technology of brain wave entrainment and how to meditate with sound.

Karen is the co-founder of Sacred Acoustics and is offering a free download of a 20-minute recording, Sacred Acoustics Om at  (A portion of it was played on this show.)

Karen will be coming to Sedona Mago Retreat Oct 7-9, along with the best-selling author of Proof of Heaven, Dr. Eben Alexander, and Gary Schwartz, PhD., a well-known scholar who has studied the science of near-dear experiences.

Together, they will be presenting a retreat, Beyond Illusion, Reality on Both Sides of the Veil.  For more information about this retreat, call Sedona Mago Retreat at 928-204-3391 or visit


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