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About Patti Teel

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Patti Teel is presently the Marketing Manager for Sedona Mago Retreat. She was formerly the RSVP Volunteer manager in Santa Barbara County and wrote a column called Seniority in the Montecito Journal.  She is comfortable in front of a microphone, winning praise from many influential publications and television programs for her award winning audio series for children.  The Wall Street Journal called her “a nap-time troubadour, bringing rest to the undrowsy.” She was also featured on the popular prime-time news series 48 Hours and has received stamps of approval from such notable publications as The Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, the School Library Journal and People Magazine.  She would like to bridge the gap between the generations and give seniors the chance to share their stories while younger generations reap the benefit of their wisdom.

6 responses to “About Patti Teel

  1. linda923 says:

    Patti, I was so happy to meet you this morning, and I look forward to getting to know you better, and hearing more about your work.

    Linda Menesez, L.C.S.W.

    • Dear Linda,

      It was greet to meet you too. I look forward to interviewing you on the Young at Heart Radio Show in the near future. I look forward to learning about your practice.

      My Best,
      Patti Teel
      Cell: 448-0520

  2. Pasquale says:

    How do you spell Don Higey? O want to get him in touch with Micheal Cremo—, Author and crypto Archiologist ?

  3. Pasquale says:

    Patti ,did you have a Christian scholar on your radio show who did research on resurrection myths and many religions ? If so, please telle his name.

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