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Beth Amine, Founder of Joyous Movement is Penning a Book on Joyous Living

on October 31, 2016


Beth Amine is a long-time resident of Santa Barbara.  To say that she is multi-talented is a gross understatement.  Beth is both a professional artist and a dancer.  Realizing that living creatively has long been a key to her own happiness, she developed a way to inspire and help seniors to re-discover their own joy through a movement and dance program called Joyous Movement.   This program has been used at several senior centers in the Santa Barbara area and the results have been miraculous.  She has also created a series of Joyous Movement DVDs and has started training others the Joyous Movement methodology so they can become certified instructors.  Beth is dedicated to helping others to discover their joyous selves and is writing a ‘how to’ book which will be a guide to living every day in a state of joy.  Her upcoming book was the topic of my radio interview with Beth.

To learn more about Beth, visit her website:

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