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Savino is Living Proof that People can Change

on July 10, 2016

Savino is living proof that people can turn their lives around.IMG_0312 (1)

He is currently writing a book that is based on his own true story which candidly reveals the ‘dark’ days when he was an angry young criminal with little remorse and even less hope for the future.

But in the depths of his hopelessness and despair, a new story begins to unfold as God sends not one, but several Earth Angels to steer him toward a new life. Still, he continued to veer from the straight and narrow path, reverting back to fighting, drinking, and illegal activities before finally, fully committing himself to a God-Centered life.

Today, Savino wants nothing more than to share his story and encourage others; especially those who have lost their way on some dangerous detours.

One response to “Savino is Living Proof that People can Change

  1. Totem says:

    So funny I just saw this guy drunk at a bar over the weekend. Only brought up his old life and never talked about how he straightened up. Only told us if we ever went to The south side of Chicago we’d end up dead not beat up. Had to walk away from people like that, and then to pull up his name because he gave me his card. What a shmuck and a phony. Glad he’s cleaned up his life lol. I know gangsters and they don’t talk about there past. He seemed that the world should pay him respect. In my eyes a douche bag!

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