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Fielding Graduate University Hosts Conference on Positive Aging

on January 22, 2013

Fielding Graduate University is hosting the 6th Annual Conference on Positive Aging.  It is taking place February 10th-12th at the Center for Healthy Communities at the CA Endowment, Los Angeles.  Young at Heart listeners have been offered $50.00 off the 3 day registration price.  Simply enter the code FRANKTALK to receive the discount when you register.  To check out the wide array of workshops and inspirational speakers, visit

This conference will grapple with the questions of wellness, community, life transitions and creativity as we age. From these foundations, we will explore how positive aging is a combination of health, well-being, self-actualization and living in a system of support.” Katrina Rogers, Senior Vice President, Provost, Fielding Graduate University.

During the last few minutes of the show, District Attorney Vicki Johnson warned listeners about a recent scam that has been targeting seniors in our area. 


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