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Diana & Patti get Silly & Patti interviews former Co-Host Frank Newton

Diana and Judy Hartstone, Executive Director of the Diana Basehart Foundation at the Wine & Wishes Event

Diana and Judy Hartstone, Executive director of the Diana Basehart Foundation at the Wine & Wishes Event

Diana and Patti get silly as they discuss the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. On a serious note, Diana talks about the great need faced by people in our community who cannot afford veterinary care for their beloved pets.
Former Co-Hosts, Frank Newton and Patti Teel

Former Co-Hosts, Frank Newton and Patti Teel

Then, Patti interviews Frank Newton. Frank previously co-hosted the Young at Heart Radio Show with Patti until his retirement. Since retiring, Frank wrote a historical novel for middle school youngsters called the Adventures of Tesak and is presently starting on another book. It was a wonderful ‘on air’ reunion for Frank and Patti!

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A Sound Healer Shares his Wisdom

IMG_0293 (1)
Patti Teel and Diana Basehart chat about animal rights and Diana shares a story about a woman who was only taking half of her prescribed heart medication and giving her dog only half of his medication due to her limited funds. The Basehart Foundation came to the rescue and now both of them are thriving!
Next, Patti interviews Anthony Giannini. In this fascinating interview Anthony explains sound healing, and why it is such an effective form of healing. Anthony conducts private and group sound healing sessions at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona AZ.

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Jay Stinnett discusses Spirituality and Recovery

JayadelAfter chatting with Diana Basehart about an animal and guardian her foundation recently helped and reminiscing about the ‘old days of Hollywood,’ Patti interviews Jay Stinnett. Jay coordinates the recovery series at Sedona Mago Retreat and describes the inspirational workshops and presentations coming up at Sedona Mago Retreat in 2015. Jay is also the author of Loving Sober and he describes how having a spiritual practice with one’s partner can enhance a loving relationship. He and his wife Adell Shay lead a program titled Loving Sober at Sedona Mago Retreat. For more information about this unique recovery series in Sedona, AZ, visit Or email Jay at

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Bringing Happiness to Seniors through Beth Amine’s Joyous Movement Program

Diana talks about an animal the Diana Basehart Foundation was able to save and then shares a story about her late husband, Richard Basehart, and his great love of animals! Then Patti Talks to Beth Amine about a program she developed called Joyous Movement. Countless seniors, many of whom have dementia, benefit from this unique program. Beth is training others to be able to teach this unique program to seniors with dementia.

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Show Features Heroes: Diana & Richard Basehart and Steve Kim

diana_and_richard_basehartDiana and Patti discuss the Wine and Wishes event this Saturday, June 6, in the Montecito, CA Upper Village in the grassy area by the Montecito Village Grocery Store. If you live in the Santa Barbara area, please plan to attend. The event is sponsored by the Diana Basehart Foundation, which provides a lifeline for people and their pets– providing veterinary services for those in financial need. It will be a festive event with wine, appetizers, and music by the talented Brazilian vocalist and guitarist, Teka. Then, Diana shares the story of how she met her late husband, actor Richard Basehart, and promises to share a new ‘old time’ Hollywood story each week.

steve kim

Next, Patti talks to Steve Kim, the President of Tao Fellowship and the Executive Director of Earth Citizens Organization. Steve talks about the concept of Earth Citizens and explains what it means to be a hero. Steve is a life-long practitioner of Taoism, an experienced and a motivated educator of Taoist practices and philosophy.

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The New Young at Heart Radio Show Launches with Co-Host Diana Basehart!

Diana & Nell copy

Wine & Wishes Invite-facebookNell Wine-1 (1)Diana Basehart talks with Patti about her foundation, which helps provide veterinary care for those in need.

On Saturday, June 6, the Diana Basehart Foundation is hosting Wine and Wishes, a festive event that will take place in the park by the Montecito Village Grocery Store at 1482 East Valley Road.  There will be Brazilian music by Teka, delicious appetizers, and samples of Nell Wine.  Nell Wine is sold at the Montecito Village Grocery and proceeds from the sales benefit the Diana Basehart Foundation.

julia-cameron-4.jpg.pagespeed.ce.5DaRU2EOQVNext, Patti interviewed Julia Cameron.  Two decades ago, Julia Cameron published her groundbreaking book, The Artist’s Way, a course in discovering and recovering your creative self. Now in use by over four million people worldwide, the course is credited with having helped millions find and express their authentic creativity in their lives and in their work in the world. Julia Cameron discusses her upcoming retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat, September 11-13, in Sedona Arizona.

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Revolutionary Conversations: The Tools You Need for the Success You Want

Barbara Gaughen-Muller

Barbara Gaughen-Muller

Barbara Gaughen-Muller is co-author of a brand new book titled Revolutionary Conversations: The Tools You Need for the Success You WantShe is also President of the United Nations Association of the USA for Santa Barbara California Chapter. Locally, the book is available at Chaucers.
Co-Hosts, Frank Newton and Patti Teel 805-963-0474

Co-Hosts, Frank Newton and Patti Teel

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REAL HELP Matches Seniors in Need with Caregivers

Jamie O'Toole, at REAL HELP

Jamie O’Toole, at REAL HELP

If you are 55 years of age or more and are frail, impaired, ill or convalescing, you can ask for REAL HELP. You will be put in touch with caregivers and other workers who have been carefully interviewed and screened to do housework, laundry, cooking, personal care, pet care, companionship, gardening, sewing and mending, correspondence, driving, shopping, errands and minor home repairs. Real Help is a referral service and does not charge the client or the worker for services. The client pays the worker directly. For more information, call Jamie O’Toole at 805-965-1531 for REAL HELP. Real Help is a Senior Programs of Santa Barbara program.

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Oxygen for Caregivers

Simon Fox, Executive Director--Adventures in Caring

Simon Fox, Executive Director–Adventures in Caring

Our guest features Simon Fox, the Executive Director of Adventures in Caring. They focus on preserving the human element in health care. The non-profit organization has trained thousands of current and future health care professionals in the art and practice of treating patients with compassion. They have a new video which focuses on helping caregivers. It also helps first responders, doctors, and nurses–or anyone else who regularly faces life and death situations. It’s called Oxygen for Caregivers.
A Premier Event featuring the new Oxygen for Caregivers video will take place on Thursday, June 19th, at the New Vic Theatre in Santa Barbara. There is a 4:30 reception, and 5:15 video premier, followed by Q & A
The event is free, but reservations are requested.

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Elder Soup Provides Help for all types of Senior Services

Elder Soup Founders & Partners, Mary Brook and Marcy Oswald Elder Soup Founders & Partners, Mary Brook and Marcy Oswald[/caption

Aging specialists Mary Lynn Brook and Marcy Oswald started ElderSoup because they have a big heart for our aging population and love enriching lives by filling client’S pots throughout the Central Coast. For more information, visit

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